What We Do


All kinds of new and used AC.
All kinds of new water chiller, water cooler, Air curtain.
All kinds of Used compressors and parts of all Capacities -Copeland, Bitzer, Mycom etc..
Ice block making machine, ice crushing machine.
Water pump heavy duty used.
Heat exchanger - shell and tube type and PHE .


AMC (Annual Maintenance contract) of chillers and AC
All kinds of AC installation, maintenance work.
All kinds of chiller installation, maintenance work.
All Capacity cold room /Freezer room supply, erection, commissioning, maintenance etc.

Coil Replacement

Coil replacement of all kind of chillers and AC.
Gas recovery of R134gas, R22gas, 407gas etc from chillers.


Chilled water pipe line work. Flushing and chemical treatment of pipelines.
Insulation work for pipeline, water tank and duct line etc.
Repairing of heat changers - shell and tube type.
Duct work.
Purchase of chillers, AC, compressors, coil etc..


5Tr and 8Tr Free standing AC units.
5Tr and above capacities Package units.
Flexible duct of 12” dia and 24” dia.
Panel board.
Water chiller of different capacities.
Semi sealed compressors.

Cold Store & Fabrication

Freezer and chiller rooms.
GI /MS/Steel Structure.
Stand for condensing units.
Stand for package units.
Tank fabrication
Shell and tube type heat exchanger manufacturing.
Water chiller frame.


Open chillers for supermarket.
All types of AC and chillers.

Semisealed compressor

Oil changing